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SHINee will come to Indonesia??

[ANNOUNCEMENT] SHINee, 12 OCT 2010, JCC Senayan, Indonesia. We are now still awaiting for confirmation from SMEnt..

So, this news has already spread among Kpop Lovers Indonesia specially in this case "SHAWOL" (SHINee's fans club) this night.

Admin R (Rebecca) got the news first from her producer who's got the news from The Embassy of South Korea for Indonesia, and they got the Exlusive Interview with SHINee.

SHINee invited by The Embassy for the event called "Pekan Budaya Korea" in Indonesia. According to the source, SHINee will perform on 12th October 2010 at JCC Senayan.

The confirmation about this is not confirmed 100% yet, due to their management (SM Ent) who decide will they come or not. That's why admin R can not guarentee it.

Let's hope they are really coming in this October.

And Super Kpop Generation Indonesia will keep the updates for all of you.

Source: SukogenINDO

are you glad to hear that? let's start praying..
i hope this is true.. ^^

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